“Anne shared a post with you”, “Share this folder”, share your thoughts… Whether it is a blog, Facebook wall or G+ page, it offers a way of revealing my thoughts and experiences to friends and acquaintances. But am I really “sharing”? Or just “showing”?

What is this online sharing really about? What does it mean to share content on the web? Why do I “share”?

Is it boasting? Showing off my precious moments so that others see their beauty? Or maybe to make others jealous?

Is it inviting other people to my life or only letting them peek inside through a window (a wall?)?

Am I looking for understanding, a connection of some kind? Or is it just a search for confirmation (admiration?) of my experiences and feelings?

Do I want to involve the readers in dialogue? Are comments really a substitute for dialogue? Am I open to disagreement, which is often a part of fruitful dialogues?

Who am I thinking about when I share my thoughts online? If a narrative is shaped for a specific person, who is this person I am talking to? Is the online a creation of my image much different from the face-to-face creation?

Why did writing up days in “my dear little diary” turn into notes on Facebook and blogs?

Is sharing my thoughts and impressions via social media much different from talking “live” to friends and family? Why do I need to tell my husband about my day and hear him talking about his? Do we share our days and lives this way? Witness them?

I strongly believe social media and the web can bring people together and help form true relationships. I guess that here, as much as anywhere else, a valuable relationship needs to be taken care of and cultivated.

So I’m sharing my thoughts and questions so that you, Dear Reader, can think with me for a while. Thank you!


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